Trachycarpus range map – updated with new species and forms

Click on the map to enlarge it.

Trachycarpus range map.jpg

I find that a distribution map of 
Trachycarpus is missing on the internet and in palm literature.
So, I made this map. Enjoy.

Among other things, the cold hardiness of the genus of Trachycarpus makes it an interesting genus of palms.

The natural distribution of the species exists within zones of subtropical mountain forest – from Indian Himalayas in west, to Southern China and Vietnam to the East.

Some species and forms are found by plant hunters in recent times. Undoubtedly, more species of Trachycarpus are hiding in that vast area, waiting to be discovered in the wilderness of the Himalayas and the Indochinese peninsula. Here, the biological diversity is high. Mountain ranges and weather systems meet in great complexity.

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